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Capturing a photo is not just about remembering that moment or scene, it is about being able to tell a story. I strive for my photos to be felt, not just seen and I truly believe the story behind the photo is just as important as the photo itself.


Eslinger Studios offers a personal, creative touch, for any photography need. Specializing in landscape, rural and urban settings, conceptual, abstract, and sports photography, we cover a large area of interests. With a focus on quality over quantity, my goal is to provide an artistic experience for any client based on their wants and needs, combined with my  own authenticity and photographic creativity.


My name is Eric Eslinger, and I love photography. Growing up with a father who had his own darkroom in our house, I guess it started early. Even though I didn’t show real interest in photography until I was 20, it has been a huge part of my life since then. Aside from taking one photography class in college, I have self-taught myself and I feel I am always learning something new each time I pick up my camera. Coupled with my active creative side, this gives me a benefit of thinking outside of the normal “photographer” mind, and allows me to see things in a different perspective and opens my brain to branch out into other artistic avenues other than photography.

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