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For 7 days in late November and early December 2018, I explored the beautiful country of Iceland. From Keflavík, we traveled to Reykjavík, up to the Snæfellsnes peninsula, then to the Golden Circle, and finally spending a lot of time on the southern coast to Höfn.

This country is full of historic stories, known as sagas, that reflect the struggle and conflict that arose within the early generations of Icelandic settlers. The folklore of Iceland speaks of elves and trolls, of which many people still believe they exist, or they don’t deny that they exist.

The natives are very friendly, and always willing to tell you about the area or give you directions. The views are plenty and the landscape is dramatic in the most magical sense.

“Alive in the superunknown.

First it steals your mind

And then it steals your soul”

If you ever have the chance to visit Iceland, please do not pass it up. You will be forever changed by this island. As I have said….Iceland stole a piece of me…I felt something within that I have never experienced before.

Follow the link below for photos that document my travels, and as good as I think these photos are, they can’t compare to what you see when you’re there.

Land of Fire and Ice

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